Law Office of Elaine Cerveno

Serving small businesses and individuals in a variety of legal matters.

Financial Distress

From time to time a business or an individual might face financial distress or insolvency.  A variety of legal options exist and only an attorney can give legal advice.  

In good times and in bad times the advice of a trusted lawyer is essential for peace of mind and to prevent minor problems from growing into serious legal issues..

Business Owners

Doing business in today's world can be complex and difficult to navigate without the advice of a good lawyer. Successful small business owners know that they need to focus on their core business and be confident that their legal matters are in good hands.

Our Services

Business Advice and Representation

     Preparation and negotiation of partnership and investor agreements, incorporation documents. Preparation and negotiation of contracts and leases.  

     When disputes arise

  • legal advice on enforcement or breach of contracts
  • legal advice on protection of trademarks and copyrights; 
  • negotiation and out of court dispute resolution; and
  • civil and commercial litigation.


     Federal bankruptcy proceedings are a highly complex and specialized area of law.  Attorney Cerveno has extensive experience representing both creditors and debtors in both large and small bankruptcy cases.  Services include:

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning and preparation;
  • Representation of individuals in Chapter 7 ;
  • Representation of businesses in all aspects of Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy cases; and
  • Post-bankruptcy legal advice.

‚ÄčExisting clients: complete your classes required by the bankruptcy court using the links below.